Offering success
orientation for each student

2016 Once again breaking the record of the history of Canada, nine students were planning the United States ranked second in the Chicago Art Institute admission, creating an institution (public schools, private schools) one-time transfer to the US elite record students.

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Preparing students
for successful future!

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We work hard to improve student achievements

To the end of the countdown to the full range of university planning program to an effective pace and relaxed and orderly steps to lead students step into the minds of the elite schools for the school

Three steps straight to the goal of the simple teaching mode, simplify, avoid the complication, in the shortest time to achieve the purpose of improving performance


IELTS, SAT, Academic Reading & Writing, and ESL Team

IELTS teachers with at least 3 to 10 years of teaching experience in IELTS, with current IELTS examiners, in-depth study of IELTS test ideas, rich teaching experience, efficient test strategies and examination techniques, for listening, speaking, reading and writing Special strengthening, the combination of daily training and short-term strengthening to help students achieve high marks.

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A Leader in University Planning Canada

In pursuit of quality and excellence, Columbia International Education Group is committed to success and guarantee. It was initiated and founded as a joint venture of Meng’s Art Institute Inc., Royal Canadian Art & Music Institute, and other core institutes.

In the past, we have been accumulating for 20 years….

We accumulated our understanding of the nature to education; we summoned our courage to full refund if 100% success in university admission is not achieved; we accumulated our tracks and researches of the admission requirements of the world’s top universities……

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Five Stars Arrangement 

Professional comprehensive planning and guidance + recommendation letter design and implementation + university application counseling + thesis revision counseling + art portfolio counseling

CountDown System

Countdown planning program, we will provide monthly progress report to our students, timely detection and correction at the right time every time – no one treats time better than us

Exploring in Education

Youth leadership training courses, comprehensively improve the overall quality of students and adapt to social ability – having a speech in front of 1,000 audiences

  • Rex
    Rex is from Iran. He took an one-on-one SAT II American History training session. He got 760/800. The grade can really support his university application this year.
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  • Toni
    I've been here since I was 15 for
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  • Sophie
    Sophie got 800/800 in SAT Math test after
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