Our Success Story

Joel took the one on one IELTS training session only for 20 days in CIEG, achieving a wonderful breakthrough from 5.5 to 6.5. His reading part jumped to 6.5 from the original 5.5.
Tony had one ten-day Christmas training session for IELTS. In ten days, he got a breakthrough from 5.5 to 6.5, speaking 7.0, reading 6.5, writing 6.5 and speaking 6.5 respectively.

SAT I Basic English Classes & SAT II American History
Karina and Linda both took one session of old SAT basic English classes, achieving an rising of 500 scores in old SAT mock test.
Sophie had a ten-day training session for new SAT, and she got 100-score rise in the final mock test.
Joe took an one on one SAT II American History training session. He got 760/800. The grade can really support his university application this year.

SAT I Basic Math Classes & SAT II Math and Chemistry
Tang got 800/800 in SAT Math test after completing our SAT math basic class, Advanced SAT class and SAT mock exam with explanation classes. He got this achievement when he was in Grade 10.
Jackie SAT I Math 800/800, SATII Math 800/800, SATII Phys 800/800. He attended our Advanced SAT class, SAT mock exam with explanation classes and SATII classes.
Cherry SATII Chem 800/800. She got the offer of a top 20 American universities. She got this score after attending 30 hours one-on-one classes on SATII chem.

Karina failed the English 10 provincial at the first time she took it. She took a one- month English 10 courses in CIEG. She got 86% of her whole test.

Rex improved his math about 30 scores after attending our Math10 classes. He also transferred his English classes to our group due to no progress in attending English classes in another institute for one year.
Pre-cal 10/11/12 classes-many students attend our math classes in advance of their real grade in order achieve a higher score in summer school classes.
For all students taking online science courses, we promise a score of 90-100 for online part.
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