Contribute to Our Community

Contribute to Our Community

Every week, CIEG will invite 20 autistic children come to come to the art studio for drawing. We purport to see that these autistic children can express themselves by artistic creation.

We know that “Autism is a neurodevelopmental  disorder characterized by impaired social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication, and restricted and repetitive behavior.”(Wikipedia, Retrieved from Some autistic children understand languages but they don’t know how to express their inner world. Some autistic children have the normal vision but they are not willing to have eye contact and communications with others. Some children have the normal auditory but they still drop out of social surroundings.

Drawing is a language of communication for autistic children, it gives a way for them to express themselves. Drawing, also give us a peel into their inner world. They use what lively colors to paint! They have awesome painting ability even better than others! We can feel the painting reflect their life and thought, the perplexity and pursuit, and the plentiful inner world. While they painted, they can also feel our concern, love and encouragement.

Autistic children have a beautiful name, children of stars. Autistic children are cute as other children.They have the same beautiful smile and clearest eyes as other children. They are gifts from God to bring blessing as well. But they need us all the time. They need us to lead them and they need care of us, the whole society.


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