Digital Media

Instructor:Alan C.

Course Time:January  4 to March 16

Saturday & Sunday : 13:00-17:00

Course Goal

Digital Media course is for students whom interested in concept design, product design, animation, or industrial design. This courses doesn’t have a fixed curriculum, mainly based on what individual needs. The course is to guides students technically understand the use of software, such as Adobe Photoshop, Indesign and Maya, as well as to create project with a three-dimensional perspective.


Major Topics

–  product design

– concept design

– animation

– installation

– photography

– industrial design


Course Features

We value each students’ individuality. We take their interests and personalities into accounts while designing personalized projects for them. This course does not only provide the students with solid foundations in digital software, but also giving broad preparation and knowledge of design process.

Here are some previous work done by Alan the instructor:


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