Exploring Visual Arts

Course duration: 10 session, once a week, 30 hours


  • This course is optional. It is for all students, not just art. This course is useful for everyone who wants to try painting and taking art classes.
    Students will receive instruction, techniques, and tips on how to translate their ideas into a piece of painting. This course includes information and lots of hands-on exercise in painting with acrylics, color, composition, and texture. Pupils will learn five different styles of painting, as follows: Floral painting, seascape painting, landscape painting, still life and mixed media. At the end of the term, there will be an exhibition, and a student will have to exhibit 4 paintings to complete their course and receive their marks.
    这个画画修为艺术班适合任何年龄段得朋友,主要分为四大类: 花卉绘画;海景画,山水画以及静物和混合媒体。 能有效的提高小朋友的创作能力和成年朋友的艺术情操。听外教说英文,还能提高口语能力 - 一石二鸟。

  • One of the most important purposes of this kind of assessment is bringing out the creativity of students and giving them self-confidence to express their feelings and to be able to show it by the language of art.
  • The assessment is informal because art is something over reality and for this course, that is mostly studio worked based.  An informal assessment will be more useful and students will not be compared with each other. Students analyze knowledge from various perspectives and acquire this knowledge from experiment. They develop artistic qualities that challenge and extend their personal feeling.
  • There are internal and external assessments for final marks. 20% s considered for each work that will be %80 in total for all internal assessments, and 20%for external assessment in final exhibition. Every two sessions, students will learn about one style, practice and do one work. At first, they talk about their works with the instructor and their classmates, and then they will be ready to show them to the people in the final exhibition.Internal assessment is based on the student’s attendance, quantity and their own mark and the details are said in a sheet they will take at the first session. External assessment is based on their exhibition and the quality of their works.
  • The purpose of feedback in my workshop is that students will develop and experience the skill, techniques, and concepts of investigation in their visual artworks, develop confidence and experience in the use of different media, extend their creativity of design and color and finally demonstrate connections between their ideas and practice.