Math/Science_G9-12, SAT I&II

Math 10: Pre-Calculus
The 52-hour Math 10 group course strictly follow VSB school curriculum, and is intended to enhance students’ score through a short period of study. Our students usually improve their grades by 15% in school quizzes on average after a three-month course.

Math 11: Pre-Cal
The 56-hour Math 11 group course is intended to enhance students’ score, to prepare students for G12 Math course, and to lay a solid foundation for students’ SAT Math preparation.

Math 12: Pre-Cal
The 76-hour Math 12 group course is intended to enhance students’ G12 score, to prepare students for SAT Math as well as SAT II Math.

Science 10/11/12

This 36-hour BC Science 10 course is aimed to fully prepare students for the regular BC Science 10 curriculum in schools. Throughout the course, the instructor will cover the four basic units: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Geography. The instructor will focus on improving student’s understanding of the big concepts. The instructor will also specifically address and introduce the scientific vocabularies needed in each chapter. The instructor will set aside an adequate amount of time in each class for students to work on practice questions for each chapter. Each lecture will begins with a 5-minute quiz or a unit test, apart from two of the lectures. Students will also be assigned homework each class that can be finished within 30 minutes. By the end of the course, students will have a clear idea of the four units within BC Science 10 curriculum. The course will prepare students to do well within the regular science 10 class.

Success Stories:

  • Rex improved his math about 30 scores after attending our Math10 classes. He also transferred his English classes to our group due to no progress in attending English classes in another institute for one year.
  • Pre-cal 10/11/12 classes-many students attend our math classes in advance of their real grade in order achieve a higher score in summer school classes.
  • For all students taking online science courses, we promise a score of 90-100 for online part.
  • Cherry SATII Chem 800/800. She got the offer of a top 20 American universities. She got this score after attending 30 hours one-on-one classes on SATII chem.
  • Jackie SAT I Math 800/800, SATII Math 800/800
  • Tang got 800/800 in SAT Math test after completing our SAT math basic class, Advanced SAT class and SAT mock exam with explanation classes. He got this achievement when he was in Grade 10.