New Course Series: Public Speaking

Date: Every Saturday in April 2018 ( April 7, 14, 21, and 28)

Time: 10-12:30 am


This 4-sessions course is designed for anyone to excel at public speech. No matter whether you are speak English as a second language or you’ve suffered from public speaking anxiety for years, you can benefit from this 4-session course. we tailor the course according to your need to move your speech ability to the next level. You are expected to overcome your fear of speaking in public and develop a natural sensibility to give well-organized speech.


Mr. Daroowala is a world well-known public speaking trainer and two-time champion in British Columbia Public Speaking Contest.  He is currently an instructor at Ted x Stanley Park. This year we invite Mr. Sharookh Daroowala over to coach the students with his years of experience and expertise. The small class environment will ensure the quality of this course. Every student will receive sufficient attention and tutoring from Mr. Daroowala.

Why Public Speaking is an essential skill for anyone, especially for teenagers? What will you expect in this intensive 4 week class?

Confidence booster.

Situating yourself in front a crowd and deliver your ideas to them could boost your confidence tremendously. Students are encouraged to express their feelings and opinions in class. Instructor will provide a framework for the students’ speech as well as help with the students’ structure of speech, sentence structure, and word choices.

Overcome Fear

Public speaking could be terrifying for a lot of people. It is great challenge for students to overcome the fear of giving a speech to a large audience. The goal of this course is to help students to face their terror of public speech, then work together to figure out the solutions to tackle their difficulties.

Influence others.

Public speaking is a great to deliver your own ideas to influence and change others with power of words. Students will interact with instructor and fellow students to develop communication skills. The diversity in class will help you to communicate ideas effectively and efficiently.

Career Growth.

The ability to deliver a successful speech brings numerous benefits to career opportunities. Meeting qualified and well-versed individuals allows you to engage in conversation regarding career and growth opportunities.

Social Connections.

It is relatively easy to develop and maintain connections through public speaking which usually happens at important gatherings. Demonstrating your confidence in front of the audience can easier impress your potential business partners.Windows Performance Stationледобур барнаулправильная высота каблукахарактеристика персоналаяндекс картинки поиск по фотоWPS Performance Station оптимизация пккак лечится кариес