New facilities! Murals coming to CIEG

A series of monumental murals is coming to Columbia International Education Group!

Organized by our art instructor Gina, students and faculties are collaborating to paint 3 beautiful murals on the classroom walls. The first one is a Vincent van Gogh inspired wall paper style painting located in one of our art classrooms. Mainly painted by highly talented students Helen, Christina, and Elena from grade 11 art class, this wall has never looked so fabulous before.

The inspiration of the second mural is drawn from Claude Monet’s water garden in France. Students are encouraged to play with the looseness of paint. By applying expressive strokes on the wall, the group of students embrace a new dimension in painting.

The design of the third mural will take a more contemporary approach. We will choose a wall in one of the computer labs to paint a futuristic graffiti. Stay in tuned to check out the finished masterpieces!Павелко тендернедвижимость в испании недороготуфли спортивные мужскиерекрутер википедияклиника протезированияноутбук нетбук или планшетцель т цена харьковWPS Performance Station оптимизация пк