University Planning

Why CIEG – Columbia International Education Group? We are the best College Planning Institude

Parents of secondary school students have been asking that question when doing our one-on-one consultation. Nowadays, parents and their children are constantly confronted with multiple challenges in terms of applying for a top university in US and Canada, selecting schools and majors, preparing for standardized tests such as SAT, IELTS, or AP.

With an expert team of over 10 full time consultants and 70 instructors in various subjects, including SAT, SSAT, AP, SAT II, Academic Reading and Writing (intermediate/ high), Vocab and Grammar, G9 to G12 English and maths, and different art and design courses, CIEG has achieved 100% success rate over the past 15 years. From 2001 to 2016, by completing our unique All-inclusive University/College Planning packages, over 300 students were admitted into Harvard University, Princeton University, MIT, Oxford University, University of Paris, University of Toronto, McGill University, UBC, Rhode Island School of Design, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Art Center College of Design, etc.


US or Canadian universities?

Some of our parents are conflicted when choosing between US and Canadian universities. CIEG encourages our clients to keep an open mind about it.

In terms of history, Canadian universities have a relatively shorter developmental period; while most top US universities boost an over 300-year history. Besides, there are roughly 168 universities/colleges in Canada, while over 4000 universities/colleges in the US, half of which are private. Furthermore, most US universities apply a wholistic admission process, including an evaluation of subjects (high school grades, standardized test scores, etc), extracurricular activity, talents/specialty, personal traits, recommendation letter; however, Canadian universities value students’ grades (roughly 50%) more than the US universities do. Other half of the evaluation comes from students’ comprehensive skills, including volunteer, and other extracurricular activities.

According to our assessments, we guide students to find their own paths, and to advise our students to find their best fit regarding major and school, either in US or Canada.


What extracurricular activities does CIEG provide?

Extracurricular activities play an extremely important role in US and Canadian university admission process. We design and conduct our own unique extracurricular activities for our ambitious students in Youth Leadership Activity Training Center. There are about 4-6 activities and training sessions provided exclusively for our planed students every month. Students can choose from a variety of activities to find their best fit in different potential major selection: business, engineering, arts and design, humanities, social sciences, etc.

Here are some of our highlighted activities (Partial):

  • Youth World Cup Live Painting Competition
  • Youth World Leadership Program
  • UNICEF’s School-in-a-box Charitable Program
  • United Nation Internship Program
  • Youth Journalist Club
  • Debate Training Program
  • Toastmaster International Speech Series
  • Youth World Cup Photography and Micro Movie Competition
  • Youth Inventor Series Courses
  • Youth Programming Training Camp
  • Summer Pilgrimage to Top US Universities
  • One-on-one Assistance of Vulnerable Children Program

Any success stories?

CIEG has achieved 100% over the past 15 years in university planning. Through our university planning program, over 300 students have been admitted into their dream school in US and Canada. With a firm belief in providing students with a life-changing experience in university application prep, students have the chance to experience over 50 extracurricular activities, course grades improvement, and most importantly, a complete skill set to adapt to the intense university life after they graduate from high school.

We have over 15 years hands-on experience with students from very different backgrounds, students addicted to video games, with no goals, aimless, with poor grades, etc. We have seen hundreds of cases that students choosing the wrong majors ends up in a school he/she doesn’t belong to; two students with similar education backgrounds ends up in schools of different ranks, etc. Time is everything for high school students. Fours years can decide a student’s future. We encourage parents and students not to waste precious time on random tutorial centers or volunteer activities that do not help regarding university prep. Here are some very typical cases:

Case 1
Z is a Grade 10 student in Vancouver, BC. She is a very active student. She played piano for ten years and won multiple awards in piano, and she plays badminton as a long-term hobby. Z has a very particular interest in the business model and would love to pursue university study in the field of business administration. She needs her comprehensive skills to be suitable for the best business school in US and Canada.

After consultation with us, we conducted multiple potential assessments and found that although Z achieved an average grade of 87 in her core courses, she had not done any standardized test prep or AP courses.

Countdown Duration: 3-year all-inclusive college planning package

Target/goal school: US Top 20 comprehensive universities/colleges
Target/goal major: business
Academically: School grade: 87 average; IELTS/TOEFL: non-taken; SAT: non-taken; AP: non-taken
We made a concrete plan for Z’s academic success.
AP courses: AP music, AP microeconomics, AP macroeconomics, AP calculus AB.

From Meng’s Art Institute Inc. to the No. 1 brand in North America university / college planning, CIEG was shaped through 15 years’ high-quality services. CIEG integrates the leading educational resources across Canada, and now is the No. 1 brand in North American university planning institude. Our group’s subsidiary services constitute a one-station, all-directional system of university plans, including Meng’s potential development, educational consulting, English Center, Youth Leadership Activity Training Center, and Meng’s Art Institute.

To give your children express entry into the top university in North America, we designed specific steps to achieve the result:

Step 1: Book a free one-on-one consultation with our accredited consultants to do core assessment tests (1.5 hour):

  • Subject Assessment (English mock test)
  • Activity Assessment (Offer professional advice on extracurricular activities selection)
  • Potential Assessment (Which major(s) to choose in university? Optional)
  • Talent Assessment
  • EQ Assessment
  • Assess the cooperation level of the student and his/her parents

Through conversation and transcripts, The consultant will have a clear understanding of the student’s strength and weakness in student’s grades, extracurricular activities, talents, personality, and potential majors he/she may select.

Step 2: Experience free activity and course (1 hour)

Student can have one-hour free trial class in an activity AND a subject course (IELTS, ESL, SAT, G9-12 Math, English, etc.)

Step 3: One-on-one university planning session

Based on the consultation, core assessments, and student evaluation, the consultant will then propose a general guideline to the parents regarding the university and major selection. The consultant also provides a comprehensive analysis of the student’s strength and weakness in his/her study, activities, personality, and EQ.

Step 4: Order a Countdown Planning Program (2-3 days)

Before you decide to join in our program, we will first prepare a detailed Countdown Planning Program of about 30 pages, which includes the most important components of the student’s university planning, including:

  • Target – eg: US top 50, Canada Top 10 universities
  • Planning Outline – eg: student A’s current average is 75, he/she will improve his/her grade to an average of 85 by the end of Grade 10 to be qualified for the school target, etc.
  • Team List – eg: VIP univer-sity planning team, activity leader, mentor, etc.
  • Planning Strategy Analysis – eg: how to improve Math 11 or English 12 grades, tutoring period, activity implementation, how to do interview, etc.
  • Detailed Planning (Divided by years, 2-5 Years)

– Subjects (English, standardized tests, maths and science)
– Activities (Youth Leadership Activity Training)
– Reading and Writing Habits Development
– Art and Design Portfolio (Optional)
6) Recommendation Letter Plan
7) Essay Plan – eg: 8 round of essay editing; exploring essay theme with our VIP university application team
8) Common App Planning – eg: The mentor will guide students step-by-step regarding the necessary components of Common App system, and guide the student to submit all the application essays, common app questions, and information to make sure everything goes smooth.
9) Target University List –  eg: Top 50 US university (according to latest US university ranking system)

 Step 5: Discuss Countdown Program with parents and student (1 hour). Adjust the plan if necessary.

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