Youth Painting World Cup Painting Competition

“The Youth World Cup Live Painting Competition” & “One Dollar for One Child in Poverty Charity Event”

is a global charity event that hosted by Canada Youth Arts Development Foundation and supported by UNICEF. It is a global painting Olympic of world’s children and youth, and also a global charity event aimed to help children in poverty worldwide.

Children are our future, and they need attention from us all to grow healthily. The children in poverty worldwide need not only attention from governments, charity groups, but also attention from each one of us.

At present, many children are in life-threatening dangers and don’t even have the chance to survive for want of clothing and medical care. According to a recent UN report, now 670 million children live in extreme poverty, 370 million children don’t have clean drinking water, 180 million children are homeless, and 126 million children have no schooling. According to a report from UNWFP(UN World Food Program), about 6 million children die premature of hunger or malnutrition annually. And these figures keep on growing each year! The “Les Miserables” is shown live, and how could we pretend not to see simply because it is out of sight. Even though there are many organizations out there helping this disadvantaged group, the mission of helping children is far from accomplished.


We don’t have ready formula, but we believe in action. Kindly initiated by Canada Youth Arts Development Foundation, warmly endorsed by UNICEF, the Youth World Cup Live Painting Competition One Dollar for One Child in Poverty Charity Event aim to change things for better. The “competition” will be a “platform” to raise awareness for the welfare of children in poverty and the “$1 charity event” will bring chances of life and education to these children.


We hope that this annual competition and charity event will grow into an annual celebration of painting, the “Olympic” of cultural and artistic exchange.


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