Art Portfolio

University Art Portfolio (Basic Level, for student with no art background)

THREE UNITS (3-month, 72-course hours):
UNIT 1: Drawing basics
UNTI 2: Sketching
UNIT 3: Color composition

Outcome: 6 complete pieces of art works

The University Art Portfolio (Basic Level) is suitable for students who do not have any art background or painting training. It is designed for students who intend to apply for US/Canadian/European art or design colleges/universities. We encourage high school students and undergraduate students who are passionate about arts or design to take this course to develop basic skills in painting, sketching, color composition, creative drawing, and basic design.

II: , University Art Portfolio Preparation – VIP Course (for student with a minimum 2-year art education)


The course is taught in various units catering to the specific requirement of the students. CIEG provides individualized art and design instruction according to the student’s personality, major and school selection. The entire course will cover painting, sketching, graphic design, architectural design, interior design, industry design, illustration, multimedia works, 3D composition, etc. CIEG encourages students to view art from different perspective and to stimulate students’ artistic expression and innate potential to create.


Package A: 10-15 artworks (select 10 for final portfolio)
Package B: 15-20 art works (select 15 for final portfolio)
Package C: 20-25 art works (select 20 for final portfolio)
Package D: 25-30 art works (select 25 for final portfolio)


Final Art Portfolio Packaging

This final step is required for every student who is secondary school or undergraduate students intending to apply for art/design schools in North America. It is designed for those who have completed all the art works and want to put all the art works in a portfolio. The package includes:

  1. Select works for the portfolio, decide the content and category of the art works
  2. Guide the writing of works description (concept, mentoring, and editing)
  3. Refine portfolio and arrange order of the works
  4. Design the layout of all the two-dimensional art works
  5. Design the layout of two 3D art works
  6. Interview mentoring


Success Story

1. J started the University Art Portfolio course at CIEG at the beginning of Grade 10. Before starting the course, J had no previous education in arts or design. In order to develop a hobby outside the classroom and improve his artistic skill, J decided to give the painting a try.

Throughout the three-month intensive painting course (8 hours per week), J gradually developed his intense passion for painting and visual arts. He learned drawing basics, sketching, and color composition with different instructors from various backgrounds, during which one of the instructors noticed his talent in architectural design. His acute sense in 3-D object design is outstanding among the rest of the students.

2. S came to see us 5 days before the application date of Emily Carr and Pratt Institute. She did not know how to put them together to make it into a complete portfolio. CIEG guided her to rearrange all of her artworks, took refined photographs of her works, and edited all of her previous descriptions, with less than 5 days. S successfully submitted everything before the final deadline and received offers from both schools.

3. T suffered from slight depression and had no hope for his future in Grade 11. After consulting with us, we evaluated his comprehensive art skills and noticed his exceptional potential in the area of multimedia. After 4-month study in the program of University Art Portfolio Preparation – VIP Course, T gained the 3rd place in Youth World Cup Live Painting Competition. In December, T’s portfolio (30 artworks, including one animation clip) was highly praised by the admission officers from 5 top art colleges in the US.

T got offers from Art Center College of Design, California Institute of the Arts, and School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and received a total scholarship amount of over $50,000.Final Art Portfolio Packaging


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