IELTS prep


IETLS Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking (Academic & General)




  • three-month intensive course
  • 5 band score guarantee (prerequisite: 5.5 band score before taking the course)
  • certified IELTS instructor with over 8-year IELTS teaching experience
  • cover all four integrated IELTS skills: listening, reading, writing, speaking


Course Description:

CIEG IELTS course is intended to improve students’ IELTS band score up to 6.5 and above. The course will cover the four integrated skills of IELTS listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Students will take up to 6-hour integrated IELTS classes every week.

Listening section: total coverage – 280 section tests, covering 280 sections tests’ transcript, recording approximately 1900 vocabulary, practicing about 100 tips and techniques, taking 20 spelling quizzes (600 vocabularies).

Reading section: total coverage: 120 sliced tests, standard passages, recording approximately 2000 vocabulary

Writing section: Task 1 Graph Description: 5 steps to do writing task 1, including questions types of table, pie chart, bar chart, line graph, map, process, & Task 2 Essay, including questions types of advantage & disadvantage, agree & disagree, problem & solution, discussion.

Speaking section: The instructor will cover the most important sections in IETLS speaking, topics including objects, travel, government, technology, environment, education, parent/children, gender issues, etc. The instructor will also teach students core sentence patterns and structure of Task 2.


Success Stories:

  • Jason Kwow Took two-month IETLS group course, with four-hour per week. His started to enjoy English learning and practicing and achieved 7.0 band score.
  • Johnny Lee took one-on-one IELTS training session only for 20 days at CIEG, achieving a wonderful breakthrough from 5.5 to 6.5 band score. His reading part jumped to 6.5 from the original 5.5.
  • Charles Pan took one-on-one IELTS training session for 1.5 months, two hours per week. She achieved 7.5 band score and reached her university application requirement.
  • Tim Wong had one ten-day Christmas training session for IELTS. In ten days, he got a breakthrough from 5.5 to 6.5 band score, speaking 7.0, reading 6.5, writing 6.5 and speaking 6.5 respectively.


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