US University Summer Camp

10-Day Top US University Summer Camp

Enrich your perspective.

2017 Summer, pack your bags and come with us to California, a state of fun and opportunities. Join us on an amazing trip to Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, SeaWorld San Diego, and top universities of Stanford University, University of Southern California (USC), UC Berkeley, UCLA, Art Center College of Design, Academy of Art University.

Why to go?

Secondary school students are constantly faced with many questions and challenges:

  • Which universities or colleges shall I apply for when I reach Grade 12?
  • What are my strength and weakness in applying for over 4000 schools in North America?
  • What shall I prepare for qualifying myself for the Top 10/20/50 universities in the US and Canada?
  • What is university life like?
  • How to balance my educational and social activities?

Whatever your path is, 2017 10-Day Top US University Summer Camp will provide you with a learning experience that makes a true and lasting impact on your university application.

During this US Summer Camp, we will take your to San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Deigo to visit six top universities and art institutions in California, including Stanford University, University of Southern California (USC), UC Berkeley, UCLA, Art Center College of Design, and Academy of Art University. You will be able to actually see the school and students, attend their seminars and workshops, and have a chance to meet with the admission officer of those schools to learn the latest admission policy. You will have a clear picture of what are the requirements of admission for the top US universities and art colleges in the world. You will explore a sea of challenges and opportunities, such as SAT, academic prerequisites, research opportunities, social activities, different majors, university campus life, etc.

Apart from that, you will enjoy a wonderful trip of fun and excitement. We will spend three full days in SeaWorld San Deigo, Disneyland, and Universal Studios Hollywood, as well as over 10 scenic spots along the way in San Francisco and Los Angeles, including Getty Center (the best art museums on West Coast), Hollywood Walk of Fame, Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, Lombard Street, Griffith Observatory, etc.

Highlights of 2017 10-Day Top US University Summer Camp

  • All inclusive: dining, learning, playing, socializing, meeting with admission officers
  • Learn + Play: a personalized VIP camp to Hollywood, Disneyland, and to experience the authentic university life.
  • US local leading teacher: We will have 4 teachers to accompany the camp students, and a local US teacher to lead the group
  • Meet with admission officers and local students
  • Have private admission info sessions in the top universities in the world
  • Low price

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